Fisher Pipette Tips Expand US Manufacturing

Posted by anna on April 20, 2022

Fisher pipette tips are a staple part of the biopharmaceutical industry, and the US Department of Defense has recently awarded the company a $192.5 million contract to expand its manufacturing in the United States. This contract will help the company meet the demand for these tips, which have been a major problem for bio/pharmaceutical activities around the world. The new contract was issued in coordination with the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In order to satisfy the needs of both academic researchers and industry professionals, Fisher offers a wide range of disposable tips for laboratory pipetters. Available in various volume ranges from 0.1uL to 10mL, the range of Fisher pipette tips is large and varied. Each tip features a centered orifice and a clean hydrophobic surface. In addition, the bulk tips, such as the 200uL and 1000uL bulk tips, are made with cadmium-free pigments to ensure safety.

Thermo Scientific pipette and tip systems are designed to improve accuracy and minimize ejection forces. These products incorporate years of experience and innovative engineering to bring smart solutions to your research. Their wide range of specialty pipette tips include extended length, gel loading, and clip tip technology. Thermo Scientific pipette tips also feature a high level of compatibility with other brands of pipette systems.

STARLAB Pipette Tips

STARLAB produces a line of pipette tips known as TipOne, which is a replacement tip system that is guaranteed to fit most popular brands. Using TipOne tips reduces the risk of tip migration and maintains maximum accuracy and precision. The system is inspected and checked for 100% performance by automated processes. Today, more labs in Switzerland are using TipOne tips. But STARLAB isn't just about pipettes and tips.

In many clinical and academic research applications, preserving sterility is essential. In addition to ensuring accurate results, sterile pipette tip minimize the risk of contamination. They are fabricated sterile and meet strict packaging and transport norms to ensure sterility from manufacturing to the lab. And since pipette tips are often used in sensitive tests, it is important that the tips are certified sterile to avoid any risk of contamination.

In addition to being sterile and disposable, pipette tips can be autoclaved and come in various volumes. Most pipette brands accept filtered tips, which are auto-filled with a hydrophobic filter. This prevents the passage of liquids and aerosols into the pipette shaft. Filtered pipette tips are increasingly used in the laboratory, where cross contamination between samples is a real concern.

fisher pipette tips

Molecular Bioproducts Pipette Tips

Molecular Bioproducts pipette tips are designed to fit virtually any type of pipette and deliver sample accurately. These pipette tips are fully traceable, manufactured under strict quality control processes, and certified as contamination-free. These tips are also compatible with other pipette brands, and their packaging is environmentally responsible. They are also available in reload packaging. Read on to learn more about pipette tips from Molecular Bioproducts.

Pipette tips come in different sizes and are generally disposable or autoclavable. They are used in microbiology and research labs for PCR assays and other liquid-based tests. They come in different volumes, from 0.1 to 5 mL. They are typically made of clear molded plastic and are available in sterile or non-sterile varieties. You should look for sterile, DNase-free pipette tips.

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